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Смотреть видео Jennifer Lopez's House Tour In Los Angeles-2018HD[ $28 Million] онлайн

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Jennifer Lopez's House Tour In Los Angeles
Jennifer Lopez just snagged a massive compound in the lavish Bel Air neighborhood for a whopping $28 million. The home, which was formerly owned by actress Sela Ward, was listed for $39 million, but the singer managed to pick it up for less than the asking price, according to TMZ.

Built in 1940 but reconstructed into a French mansion using wood from vintage structures from Mississippi and Louisiana, the stunning estate features a main house with two guesthouses, a stream with a footbridge, a vineyard, a 100-seat outdoor amphitheater and a three-edge infinity swimming pool.

Inside, the lavish abode boasts a five bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a 30-seat home theater, a massage room, a downstairs pub, three offices, his-and-hers dressing rooms, and 10 fireplaces.If that’s not enough living space, the private yard on the 2.35 acre property has stone terraces and verandas, walking paths and four-wheeler trails, a waterfall that feeds into a koi pond, a man-made swimming pond complete with a sandy beach and outdoor shower, a cabana, a covered bridge, a miniature golf course, an entertaining area with a full kitchen and fire pit, an organic vegetable garden, a vineyard, and an outdoor amphitheater that can seat up to 100 people. (You know, in case J.Lo ever wants to put on her own concert in her backyard.)

Lopez is currently selling her house in Hidden Hills, Calif. for $12.5 million.

It looks like someone is moving on up! Click through the gallery below to get an inside tour of her new home.

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