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Epidemic Pop   |   2 год.
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Enjoy our 2 hour long mix of Party Pop Music, in this mixtape we have collected our favorite songs. Share this to a friend if you like it! 🎉

00:00:00 Making Me Feel Alright - Robin Lundbeck
00:03:27 I Will Be Ok (Ahlstrom Remix) - Niklas Ahlström
00:06:11 Me And My Army - Avery Sprangler
00:09:39 Just Wanna Run (Ahlstrom Remix) - Dinah Smith
00:12:53 I Love U - Loving Caliber
00:16:00 Face The Fact - Daniel Gunnarsson
00:19:09 You Do It Just For Fun (Niklas G Rmx) - Lilla My
00:22:18 Faster Car - Loving Caliber
00:26:00 Slow Slow Slow - Lilla My
00:29:12 Furious 2 - Niklas Gustavsson
00:31:19 Thinkin About You - Cospe
00:34:07 Looking For A New Start - Loving Caliber
00:37:23 Tropical Feelings 3 - Niklas Gustavsson
00:40:49 Beyond The Horizon - Loving Caliber feat. Lauren Dunn
00:44:04 In The Ocean - Filip LeForce
00:47:14 Be With You - Mondays feat. Lucy
00:50:27 Volcano (Ahlstrom Remix) - Frigga
00:53:16 Perfect - Mondays feat. Melker
00:56:16 You Made My Day - Tomas Skyldeberg
00:59:53 Cityboy - Bjorkman Pupavac feat. Adriana Pupavac
01:03:24 Fighting For Love - Tomas Sjyldeberg feat Mia Stegmar
01:06:45 Diamonds And Skies (Niklas Gustavsson)
01:09:34 Gotta Let You Go - Chistopher Shorooi feat. Nathalie Ravelius
01:12:42 Quit Calling Me Your Lover - Loving Caliber
01:16:01 Indian Summer - Otto Wallgren feat. Stina Sundstrom
01:19:10 Either Or - Filip LeForce feat. Kata
01:23:00 Take Me Away - Christoffer Shorooi
01:26:00 You're Never Alone (Gustavsson Remix) - Lilla My
01:28:46 Make Up Break Up - Cacti
01:32:07 Casual - Filip LeForce feat. Kata
01:35:30 Hey Now - Christoffer Shorooi
01:38:24 Come Close - Da Tooby
01:41:12 Cospe Breath - Cospe
01:43:28 Another Part Of You - Lilla My
01:46:32 Get It On - Kalle Engstrom feat. Jason Dering
01:50:17 In The Blue (Remix Version) - Tommy Ljungberg feat. Lauren Dunn
01:53:40 Take Me Down - Miss Penny
01:57:00 When It Feels Right - Jimmy Burney
02:00:54 Love (Cospe Remix) - Martin Hall feat. Nubia
02:04:18 Mrs Right - Kalle Engstrom feat. Jimmy Burney
02:07:45 Pink And Blue - Niklas Ahlström
02:09:52 That's Where You Belong - Kalle Engstrom feat. Jimmy Burney
02:13:00 Cover Me - Niklas Gustavsson
02:16:21 Sister (Schill Paulsen Remix) - Luke Gabben

Download the tracks here: https://goo.gl/R6dWxh


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A: All videos uploaded during an active subscription are safe and cleared forever!

Q: Can I use these songs for free if I credit Epidemic Sound and the artist?
A: No, we currently do not offer any Creative Commons licenses where the music is free with credit attribution. We work with hundreds of composers every month who we want to compensate fairly. We hope you understand that we want to continue to provide great music to the YouTube community.

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