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Thank you guys so much! This decade is going to be the best yet :-)

The ability to tell a story can literally transform your life. It can land you a job in a crowded applicant pool, make you stand out on a first date, or be the difference between your business succeeding or failing.

Today I have a very special breakdown on storytelling. Not just because storytelling is so important to charisma and life, but because I am actually in this breakdown as the interviewer.

And the person I’m interviewing is without exaggeration one of the people I most admire on the planet. His name is Scott Harrison and as the founder of charity:water he has helped raise over 100 million dollars by telling stories for a good cause.

So in this video you’re going to learn the 3 high level principles that will help you to tell more engaging stories in any environment. And I should warn you, these stories are heavy and contain really sad, but important messages, which is necessary when you’re talking about the truth of why charity water exists. I’m also going to let the clips run longer so you can hear a bigger part of the story uninterrupted and comment later.

2:30 Take the listener to the same emotional journey you had when storytelling
4:18 Have a mystery to keep listener engaged like Charity Water story
5:47 Have a lesson at the end for personal development as the Scott Harrison interview

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