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False Alarm The Weeknd Lyrics - What does False Alarm mean? The lyrics for The Weeknd’s new song False Alarm off his upcoming album Starboy are fully explained in this funny video. Other lyrics you want explained? Leave your suggestions in Comments below. New videos every week!
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About “False Alarm - The Weeknd”: False Alarm Meaning
The Weeknd recently released his song False Alarm as the title track off his upcoming album Starboy, and the song quickly skyrocketed in popularity. While the lyrics of The Weeknd’s song False Alarm are not exceedingly complex, it is safe to say that they are completely understood. Many have asked “What is False Alarm?”, “False Alarm meaning?”, and “What does False Alarm mean?”. No one has provided a clear explanation of The Weeknd’s lyrics for False Alarm in video form, and as such, one felt compelled to release a video with these confusing lyrics fully explained and displayed on screen.

More about KabirTV and “Lyrics Explained” videos:
KabirTV is the YouTube channel for comedian and online personality Kabir Iyengar. The channel hosts numerous funny videos, including a series called “Lyrics Explained” where each video is an entertaining but educational look at popular hip hop songs with somewhat confusing lyrics. Recently released Lyrics Explained videos include “Timmy Turner Desiigner Lyrics Explained” “Jumpman - Drake & Future Lyrics Explained” & “The Weeknd - Can’t Feel My Face Lyrics Explained”.
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Full Transcript for False Alarm The Weeknd Lyrics Explained

False Alarm The Weeknd Lyrics Explained
What is False Alarm?
What does False Alarm mean?

Welcome. Today I will be explaining the lyrics to The Weeknd’s new song “False Alarm.” It’s kind of a weird song because It sounds fun but it’s actually pretty depressing. Which is also how most people describe a friendship with Taylor Swift. Now let’s get started.

False alarm (hey, hey, hey, hey)
False alarm (hey, hey, hey, hey)

So what is a false alarm?

[Full transcript of False Alarm The Weeknd Lyrics Explained to be posted soon]

Anyway, the Weekend says false alarm to mean that a woman is being fake to him. She only cares about money and status. Any emotion or feeling she shows is a “false alarm”.

Bathroom stalls for the powder nose (she loves)
High heel shoes with the open toes (she loves)

The Weeknd begins his verse with this. [Full transcript of False Alarm The Weeknd Lyrics Explained to be posted soon]

She's got a good time wrapped in gold (she loves)
For you, for you

[Full transcript of False Alarm The Weeknd Lyrics Explained to be posted soon]

All red dress with the devil eyes (she loves)
So obsessed with the camera lights
You love her, but you can't deny
The truth, the truth

The Weeknd goes on to say that she’s obsessed with attention. And while you love her you can’t ignore the fact that she is not in this for the love.

She loves everybody
Can't you tell by the signs?
She loves everybody
She gets off all the time
It's a dark philosophy
And it haunts her constantly
It's a false alarm to me
She's a false alarm

And although she might feel a little guilty about it, you have to see all this love and affection she displays for what it is. A false alarm.

Six inch long, 'bout three inch wide
Dolla, dolla bill is her only type

In the second verse, the Weeknd says this. Six inch long, three inch wide. Now before you start feeling awkwardly unimpressed, that’s right get your mind out of the gutter. These are the dimensions of a dollar bill. And as we know she loves money.

Diamonds and the rings are her fantasy
She chase hearts with the Hennessy

He then names a few of the other things she loves. Diamonds and Hennessey. I mean she just sounds like a rapper. Give her a break. Listen, Weeknd, for a long time your hair looked like it was trying to sneak up on you. Who are you to question anybody’s decision making?

Well, there you have it. The lyrics to The Weeknd’s song False Alarm, fully explained.

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